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Rick Jacobs Bigfoot Pictures: Multiple Photos Now Online

Oct 30, 2007

Update - more photos have been released. I really want to believe in Bigfoot. And now a hunted named Rick Jacobs has given me every reason to do so. He has a picture of the hairy beast that he thinks is "Bigfoot." I knew something like this was coming eve since Jack Links beef jerky started using Sasquatch in their commercials and pulling pranks on him in the woods.
Rick Jacobs Bigfoot Picture

Rick Jacobs Bigfoot Picture

So - is this real - or is it a hoax? The photos that are online shows something but I can't really tell what exactly it is. Of course with any urban legend (or in this case a wooded legend of the forest) that is what makes it so intriguing. One photo is here.


The hunter apparently wasn't even a witness to the event - the photo was snapped with a motion sensitive camera. It was equipped with an automatic trigger that was set to go off when anything large enough set off the sensor and the hairy beast did just that. Is it Bigfoot or just a small bear? It doesn't look like a bear to me.

Everyone has an opinion in and out of Pennsylvania where the photo was snapped. A television report notes that Some Clearfield County residents said they were intrigued by the photos. "By the pictures it's really hard to tell, but it doesn't look like anything I've seen before," said Debra Nestor.


As the debate continues as to what the animal is, Jacobs said he can't release the exact location of his potential find because the Bigfoot organization is worried people will destroy the animal's habitat. There have now been even more photos released and they are here. They are the images as they were taken one, two three by the camera. Is it real or a hoax?


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