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Rising Star Results 2014 - Tonight's Premiere Show, Elimination Recap

By Staff
Jun 22, 2014
Ludacris, Kesha, Brad Paisley and Josh Groban of Rising Star.

Check out a recap of the results of the premiere of Rising Star, an ABC singing competition that debuted tonight (June 22, 2014).

The reality TV singing competition is crowded, but Rising Star hopes to make the audience more involved by allowing them to vote directly on who is eliminated from the show.

Since the audience is the ultimate judge, the show has dubbed Brad Paisley, Kesha and Ludacris as the experts who will give their opinions every week to the singers and give an up or down vote to each contestant.

Josh Groban is the host of the 2014 version of Rising Star and here is how the voting app works for viewers.

To vote for your favorite contestants, home judges (viewers) can download the Rising Star ABC app through the Apple App Store, Windows Market Place or the Google Play Store.

You have to have the App to vote and you'll need to register with your Facebook or Twitter account.

Before each performance voters are required check-in, and then when it’s time to vote, swipe BLUE (to the right) to vote YES or RED (to the left) to vote NO on the APP.

It's live, you’ll see the results of the vote in REAL TIME on television -- even if you are on the West Coast.

If you give us permission through the app, you might also see your Facebook or Twitter profile picture on the Rising Star wall.

It's unique, let's review what happened tonight.

Tonight's results recap:

Joshua Peavy gets all three experts vote for him and he gets to 87% on the meter that is shown on screen and that means he moves on to the next round.

Lisa Punch was up next and also was able to get all three experts to vote for her and ends up at 80% and she Will move on to the next round.

Maneepat Myra Molloy received a yes vote from Brad and Kesha and got the meter to 73% and that means she is going through to the next round.

Daniel & Olivia are the first eliminated, they received no votes from the judges and only pushed the meter to 6% and are headed home.

Jesse Kinch gets all the expert's votes and pushes the meter to 92% and is moving on to the next round.

Beyond 5 got votes from Brad Paisley and Kesha, but Ludacris voted them down and they only get to 46% and will be heading home.

Sarah Darling gets Brad's vote and 89% on the meter and she is moving on to the next round, too.

Colin Huntley only gets to 38% and is eliminated.

Summer Collins only gets 40% and she is eliminated.

Macy Kate auditioned be an Instagram and won her way onto the show and pushed the meter to 93% so she is moving on to the next round.

That's the results of the premier of Rising Star 2014, what did you think of the new show?

(Image: ABC)

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