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Russell Brand and Charlie Sheen - Yoga vs. Party Lifestyle

By Staff
Jun 9, 2012
Russell has invited Charlie to join him at his yoga classes.

Russell Brand has invited Charlie Sheen to join his yoga class.

The 37-year-old comic - who has previously battled addictions to drugs - has befriended the 'Anger Management' actor, but pals are said to be worried about their bond because they don't want the British star to be led astray.

A source said: ''Russell and Charlie have been spending an increased amount of time together as they've been named by [TV network] FX as the stars for their summer schedule so have done a lot of promotional work together.

''Russell has invited Charlie to join him at his yoga classes.

''But Hollywood is a small place and everyone is worried Charlie might lead Russell astray.

''Russell is a strong guy, he won't just fall off the wagon, but he's single after his split from Katy Perry and on the look-out for women - and Charlie's legendary parties are always packed full of beautiful women.''

Despite warnings from his friends, Russell is always happy to hang out with Charlie - who was sacked from sitcom 'Two and a Half Men' last year because of his erratic behaviour and wild partying - as he knows what it is like to go ''off the rails''.

The source added to the Daily Star newspaper: ''Russell's friends are panicking as Charlie keeps calling him, chasing him to meet up.

''Russell is too kind to say no, he thinks Charlie just needs a friend, someone who'll look out for him. Russell was once in the same situation, off the rails and lonely.

''But Charlie is a notorious bad boy and will definitely be a bad influence on him.''

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