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Sacramento Kings Cheerleaders Racy Photos Scandal: NBA Dance Team Pictures Shocker

Feb 16, 2008

The Sacramento Kings cheerleaders may have a full-blown photos scandal on their hands. Several girls that are purported to be part of the NBA Sacramento Kings dance team are pictured in some racy photos that are circulating around the World Wide Web. This should give the NBA All-Star game a nice boost. The girls are photographed in their underwear and in thongs, and also in some cleavage bearing tops.
Sacramento Kings Cheerleaders Racy Photos Scandal (With Leather.Com via Sac Bee)

Sacramento Kings Cheerleaders Racy Photos Scandal (With Leather.Com via Sac Bee)

It is actually quite tame and it doesnât seem like much of a scandal looking at what is available out there on the Internet but they are clad in their NBA attire and that may cause some problems for some folks.


There are some photos where they are playing around like they are drinking alcohol as well and the inevitable lesbian kissing picture added in. The wild and racy photos were first posted on a sports blog called âWith Leather.comâ and according to a report from Fox News have created quite the buzz in Northern California.

The pictures are here at Crazy Days and Nights. Itâs not clear if the team will take any action against what will now be the NBAâs favorite dance team. The Sacramento Bee notes that many of the photos appear to be old, perhaps even two years old, but with the All-Star Game right around the corner, the timing for the release seems pretty good.


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