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San Diego Woman Terri Carlson, "Will Marry for Health Insurance"

Feb 7, 2010

One California woman has placed online a dating website of sorts. Terri Carlson is an attractive 45-year old blonde woman from San Diego, California and she would like to meet a mate.
Online Dating Website - Woman
Online Dating Website - Woman "Will Marry for Health Insurance"

Her requirement, "health insurance." She is the only choice on the website to date (and marry) and you can only marry her with good health insurance.

Is this a joke? Hardly, she says she has a serious medical condition and she writes on her website, "And yes, as drastic as it sounds, I will marry for health insurance!!!" According to CBS News, Carlson suffers from a rare genetic disorder called C4 complement deficiency.

She told the network: "Makes me unable to process bacteria and viruses efficiently and my body attacks itself. It's very similar to lupus."


She is now divorced and is using COBRA and paying for her old insurance out of pocket and when that runs out, she says won't be able to buy any other health insurance due to her pre-existing condition.

Mom Logic asks, "How sad is it that THIS is what a single mother must do to get health care in the United States of America? It's so sad she's been pushed to this point. It blows our minds."

See here for her story and all of the details.

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