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Sandra Bullock Strips, Wardrobe Malfunction for Ryan Reynolds

Jun 7, 2009

Sandra Bullock takes it all off for a full frontal scene in her new comedy and she wasn't the only one sowing off a lot of skin. Her co-star Ryan Reynolds (also bare in the film) had a bit of accidental exposure and borrowed a Britney Spears like wardrobe malfunction.
Sandra Bullock Strips, Wardrobe Malfunction for Ryan Reynolds

Sandra Bullock Strips, Wardrobe Malfunction for Ryan Reynolds

Bang Showobiz reports that "Reynolds' manhood "popped out" while shooting his new movie.The actor - who is married to Scarlett Johansson - was jumping around nude on the set of 'The Proposal' during a steamy scene with co-star Sandra Bullock and exposed his genitals to the entire cast and crew."


"You know you've made a bad move, because you don't normally combine nudity with stunts. This isn't like Cirque de Soleil porn. It's a movie. You have these scenes where you slam into each other. You fall on to the ground and I would always know that something popped out wrong because the cameraman would go, 'Oh, Oh!' "

The report explains that Ryan spent so many hours filming naked sex scenes he soon grew used to the crew seeing his private parts and decided to remove the cover they had given him to protect his modesty. He explained: "By hour four I had abandoned the fig leaf or whatever the hell they gave me and I was just throwing caution - and other things - to the wind."


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