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Scott Baio - Twitter & Facebook Rant, Wife Renee Joins in vs. Jezebel

Apr 20, 2010

Scott Baio and his wife Renee (pictured) used a bit of social networking (Twitter and Facebook) to spark an awkward battle with Jezebel (the website, not just one in particular) over a comment on Twitter by Scott about taxes and deadbeats.
Scott Baio - Twitter & Facebook Rant, Wife Renee Joins in vs. Jezebel.

Scott Baio - Twitter & Facebook Rant, Wife Renee Joins in vs. Jezebel.

The story unfolded as earlier this month, once Mr. Baio had finished paying his taxes, he tweeted: "Taxes are DONE...That should feed, house & provide medical for a few lazy non working people at my expense. Have a great Monday!"

One website picked up on that.'s placed the Baio Twitter post on their Tweetbeat, revealing the 1980s sitcom actor's aversion to paying taxes to support "lazy" people:


Once the website pointed the tweet out in the online column, it appears some offense was taken by Scott and later his wife.

Scott started getting testy online with some nasty comments about the website and the women that work there, and the Huffington Post reports the 1980s child star dubbed the Jezebel editors "ignorant racists, hypocrites and worse. The next day he continued the fight by tweeting a picture of a bikini-clad girl riding a broomstick, as a definition for jezebel."


Enter wife Renee Baio. She went online to post a response on her Facebook page and ripped the ladies at Jezebel with more unkind rants about sexuality and more! The situation has now deteriorated to a very nasty level.

Gina Serpe of E! Online has the full details of what she describes as "Scott Baio's hate-filled misogynistic Twitter rant."

The original post from Jezebel seems harmless enough. It has the title, "Elizabeth Taylor Is Not Engaged; Scott Baio Pays Taxes For "Lazy" People."

The website has also added a complete timeline to follow the battle and meltdown post-by-post.

(Image: WENN)


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