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Sex Scandal Photos: Laura Fay and Vito Fossella Affair Exposed

May 10, 2008

Another week another New York sex scandal in the world of politics emerged with Laura Fay and Staten Island (NY) Republican Vito J. Fossella. The story unfolds like a really bad B-Movie or daytime soap opera, and has all of the juicy details. Laura Fay rescued Fossella after he was arrested and charged with drunk driving and was tossed in jail.
Laura Fay and Vito Fossella Affair Exposed (Daily News)

Laura Fay and Vito Fossella Affair Exposed (Daily News)

According to the New York Daily News he would later admit that he fathered a 3-year-old love child in an illicit affair with Laura Fay after she snagged him from a Virginia drunk tank. His wild night before the addition of the sex scandal is also coming out as it is being reported that he was booted from a bar in Washington, DC just hours before he was popped for the DUI. His ride home was from the "baby mama" who just happens to be Lt. Col. Laura Fay, a retired Air Force officer.


When he was pulled over Fossella told police that he was visiting a sick daughter on Grimm Street when he was really visiting his former mistress and mother to his 'love-child'. That has brought out the New York press and they are digging deep into the lives of Laura Fay and of course Vito Fossella. The newspapers are publishing photos of the celebrity couple as well and the press is digging deep just to find any pictures of the sex scandal pair.

Gothamist has pics here and reports that both New York tabloids have published pictures of Laura Fay, Fossella's mistress, the mother of his child, and his post-DWI ride. While it hasn't quite reached the proportions Governor Eliot Spitzer and the nude photos(the first link is safe) of call girl Ashley Dupre it has Gotham buzzing. Who knows what will emerge next.


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