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Sexy Lara Logan Photos: War Zone Sex Scandal Combines Tabloids and News

Jul 14, 2008

Many would call Lara Logan a news babe. She is an attractive well-endowed blonde that photographs well, used to be a bikini model and certainly she looks good on camera filing reports from one of the most dangerous places on earth. She must look good off camera as well as the CBS news correspondent is in the middle of a sex scandal in the Middle East.
Lara Logan Caight in War Zone Sex Scandal (Image: Wenn)

Lara Logan Caight in War Zone Sex Scandal (Image: Wenn)

A few weeks back, the National Enquirer reported that Lara Logan had been named as the "other woman" in a Texas couple's bitter divorce, and now comes the shocker Lara is expecting a child with her lover. The Washington press corps tried to ignore the story but the Enquirer kept the heat on and eventually the pregnancy confessions hit the late to the party media in Washington.


Joe Burkett is the father and he was a federal contractor stationed in Iraq and he was separated from his wife Kimberly back in Texas when he met Lara Logan overseas. Or at least that is his story. Burkett's estranged wife Kimberly, the mother of their 3-year-old daughter, charging that Logan broke up her marriage.

Also in the mix there somewhere was CNN reporter Michael Ware (he was named as another man that was going at it with Lara Logan in some reports) and you have a full-blown sex scandal. She says she doesn't like that, but what can she really say, she's the one that got the ball rolling. For now Lara Logan is back in Washington, DC and plans to keep the baby and says she will eventually marry the baby daddy. See lots of photos of the former swimsuit model in her bikini and in other poses here. What does CBS do now?


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