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Soaps Summary: All My Children Through Young and Restless

Apr 18, 2009

ALL MY CHILDREN: Although he finds her intriguing, Zach evades Liza's personal questions after they make love at the casino. Kendall notices lipstick on Zach's neck and he bluntly states that he had sex with a woman he just met and doesn't even know her name. Liza, who has a law degree, reunites with Jake at the casino and agrees to place Amanda's baby with an adoptive family. The connection between Jake and Amanda grows stronger. Liza tells Jake that Colby wants nothing to do with her. Jesse alerts Ryan to the fact that Annie escaped from Oak Haven.
Soaps Summary: All My Children Through Young and Restless

Soaps Summary: All My Children Through Young and Restless

A gun-toting Ryan bursts in on Aidan and Annie just as they're getting ready to take off for parts unknown. Aidan orders Annie to make a run for it as he and Ryan struggle. Kendall reacts badly when she learns Ryan is leaving Fusion. Annie heads to the Maldives, which has no extradition treaty with the States. Adam gives Krystal a slip of paper and she later arrives at a massage parlor where she reunites with a girl named Marissa. Marissa explains how her parents were killed in a car accident and Krystal tells her about Babe's death. JR and Scott are mesmerized when they meet Marissa. Brot is initially angry when he realizes Taylor followed him to Florida to watch him give his speech, but soon forgives her. David switches Adam's much-needed medication. Krystal's an emotional mess when Tad tells her David claims he wants to work things out. Tad is incredulous when Krystal heads back to Wildwind hoping David will take her back. Krystal starts to tell David her secret, but he silences her with a kiss, saying the past is behind them and it's time to focus on their future. Randi and Frankie celebrate their one-month anniversary via a webcam. Scott joins Randi when the connection is lost and Frankie sees them together when the picture returns.

SNEAK PEEK: Bianca returns.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Noah is held captive by Zac and Zoe, who sent a fake text message meant to pacify Luke. Holden, Luke and Lily find out that Noah has been kidnapped. Margo brings Luke, Holden and Lily aside and tells them not to pay the ransom specified in the note since that could endanger Noah more. Luke gets a text from "Noah" telling him he's at a storage facility. Luke goes there and falls into Zac and Zoe's trap and is tied up with Noah. Lily and Holden return home; they can't get in touch with Luke, but find a note that says the kidnappers have him, too. Scared Lily wants to pay the ransom to get Luke back, but Holden and Lily argue over how to handle the kidnapping. Lisa proves that someone broke into Damian's room and might have taken stationery on which to write a ransom note. Lily shows Damian the ransom note telling her where to drop off the money -- The Cloisters. Damian shows her the clipping he got from Lisa and explains his theory that this woman is somehow connected to the kidnappers. Damian gets her to agree to dress as the picture of the murdered woman, Anna Pinnarossa, and try to smoke out the kidnappers. He wants her to make the kidnapper follow her and he'll be hiding to grab whoever it is. Lily goes, but Holden comes to make peace with Damian and ends up delaying him. Damian admits he's sent Lily to smoke out the kidnappers. Lily makes the drop and Zoe retrieves it. Zac opens the package and sees it's not money but a Pisces pendant. Zoe spots Lily dressed as her mother and follows. But Holden, coming after Lily interrupts and Zoe realizes she's been fooled, runs off after Luke and Noah. They see a framed photo of Zoe with her mother. They knock the photo down and use the shards to cut themselves loose. They are about to escape when Zac and Zoe return. Zac shoots Noah in the arm and they get tied up again. Zoe says she wants them punished for desecrating the memory of her mother and Zac agrees Lily needs to be eliminated because she saw Zoe. Dusty goes with Lucy, and Cesar shows them that there are now guns in the crates where she's smuggling her medicine. Dusty tells Cesar to take out the guns, send out the shipment and tell no one that Lucy knew about it. Cesar agrees. But later, while he's on the docks, someone kills him. Lucy asks Dusty how can she repay him, and he says all he wants is help getting Johnny back. Jack tells Parker that Liberty wants an annulment. Janet tells Jack she doesn't want Parker near her daughter. Brad suggests they have a genetic test done on the baby and Katie thinks that's a good idea. They go to ask Vienna, who says no, it's too dangerous, but Henry says yes. Vienna wonders what Henry has done. But Henry says it's a good thing because if they find out the baby isn't Brad's from a doctor, then Henry and Vienna can plead ignorance. But the truth will be known -- Vienna is carrying Henry's child, not Brad's.

SNEAK PEEK: Parker's on the road to ruin.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Marcus interrupts Steffy's bridal shower to tell her how he loves her. Owen invites Jackie to a private celebration. Nick tries to get Bridget to confess who her latest love interest is. Not knowing what Ridge is up to, Rick goes off on an abusive and disrespectful rant. It's not until later that Rick realizes why he didn't get a reaction from Ridge. Taylor and Ridge fear the extent that Rick will go to in order to prevent them from getting to Steffy. Bridget receives a gift from Nick, but refuses to give him what he wants in return. Jackie sets ground rules for her tryst with Owen, which he gladly accepts. Taylor and Ridge share a private moment as they impatiently await Steffy's response to seeing the other side of Rick. Meanwhile, Rick tries his best to get Steffy to give him another chance and understand why he said all those terrible things about her and her father. Unwilling to listen to anything more from Rick, Steffy sends him away. She later apologizes to her parents for not listening to them and hopes that ending her relationship with Rick won't affect Ridge and Brooke's marriage. Katie and Donna put doubts in Brooke's mind about the stability of her and Ridge's relationship. Using her own experience with Eric, Donna offers Brooke advice on how to spice up her marriage.

SNEAK PEEK: Brooke fears Ridge is "Taylor" made.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nicole weathers a series of interruptions to her long-awaited wedding day. Before Mia can make any real waves, Dr. Baker drags her out of the church. Baker fills in Mia on the sordid history of the DiMeras, convincing her at last that she can never claim Sydney as her own. Nicole and EJ exchange vows. They awake the day after their wedding and make love. Philip and Stephanie bask in the afterglow of making love, unaware that Masi, a DiMera hit man, is preparing to make his move at Stefano and EJ's behest. After Stephanie goes to freshen up, Masi makes his move and shoots Philip. Philip is rushed to the hospital and later flat-lines. Daniel rushes in to save him and the hospital staff works feverishly to keep Philip alive. Victor promises Philip that the DiMeras will pay. As Daniel is performing an experimental procedure on Phillip, Kate makes a pact with God: If Phillip survives, Kate will give up her vendetta against Daniel and Chloe. Bo follows Stefano to the Java Cafe, where he makes clear that he will not allow Stefano to get away with attempted murder, or to finish the job on Philip. Bo manages to overhear Stefano speaking to EJ on the phone and makes clear that he will get the evidence he needs to nail Stefano once and for all. Stefano returns home and is stricken with a pain. Sami returns home and learns from Will that Rafe returned her religious medal. Sami tries to call Rafe, but learns that his phone's been disconnected. Sami tracks down Rafe and explains that she must tell him how much he means to her.

SNEAK PEEK: Stefano collapses.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Carly learns she's pregnant, but her joy is tempered by the fact she might have to terminate the pregnancy if she tests positive for the life-threatening condition Kelly warned her about. Jax implores Jason to never let Carly know about Jerry's role in Michael's shooting because the stress would surely jeopardize her pregnancy. Spinelli gets a lead on Jerry's whereabouts. Claudia orders a hit on Jerry. Jerry and Jason are both injured in the explosion, but Jason is in worse shape. Jerry feigns unconsciousness as Jax points out all the pain he's caused. Claudia thinks she's out of the woods when she discovers that she's pregnant. Ric guesses that Claudia's pregnant and implies it could be his baby. Nikolas remains suspicious of Rebecca after catching her with Helena. Alexis is certain that Rebecca is in cahoots with Helena and makes a bold move when she pulls back Rebecca's hair to reveal her plastic surgery scars. Ethan has a run-in with Helena, who surprises Luke when she says she's certain Ethan is his illegitimate son. Tracy shares her theory about Ethan with Luke. Already having spoken to Dr. Brown, Patrick is heartsick when Robin lies and says she kept her therapy appointment as planned. Maxie is desperate to get Spinelli back into her life.

SNEAK PEEK: Nikolas and Liz are very close for comfort.

GUIDING LIGHT: Phillip is kept inside a locked room. Alan explains to him that the governor decided Phillip needed a full-scale evaluation. Rick tells Alan that Phillip is mentally stable. Alan asks the doctor if he can have a moment alone with Phillip and goes into his room. Alan intentionally provokes Phillip until Phillip punches him. An orderly restrains Phillip. Dr. Mike informs Alan that they're going to keep Phillip for a while. Roc lets Josh step into the room where Edmund is kept chained to the wall. Josh wants to make sure Edmund isn't going to hurt his family. Edmund escapes. Dinah and Shayne are leaving for Bosnia when Shayne gets a call from Josh. Josh is relieved that Shayne is on his way out of the country. Josh is stunned when Jeffrey tells him that Edmund just boarded a plane to Bosnia. In Bosnia, Shayne takes Dinah to the village where he met Lara. Dinah and Shayne walk arm in arm through the village, but little do they know, they are being watched. Marina tries to persuade Clarice to let go of Henry's case, then threatens to plant drugs in Clarice's office. Clarice knows that Marina could ruin her career by planting the drugs and can't believe Marina has resorted to this. Marina tells her that there is nothing more important than protecting her baby. Sister Angelica takes Dinah to meet the baby's mother. Dinah is stunned when the nun points to Lara's grave (where Shayne is kneeling) and tells her that that's the baby's mother. Sister Angelica explains that Lara died, but her baby lived and Angelica raised the child herself. Mallet and Marina are given full custody of Henry. Marina announces that she has decided to take leave from the force to be a mom. Frank tells Buzz that he wishes Natalia would have talked about the doubts she had before the wedding, but he's still certain she wanted to marry him. Olivia doesn't think that Natalia has thought through what comes after saying "I love you" and thinks it will be pure hell for them. Olivia explains that she's not trying to be insensitive, but Natalia has to think about Rafe, Emma, Olivia and God, and suggests Natalia walk away. Natalia tells Olivia she knows what it means to tell someone "I love you." Natalia takes Olivia's hand and holds it until they hear Frank entering. At church, Natalia gives Rafe a tearful goodbye. Natalia is startled to see Olivia and Emma there. Natalia asks Olivia to come into the church with her. Natalia and Olivia sit side by side and Natalia tells her it will be all right -- God still loves them and wants them to be happy. Christina tells Remy she lost her job. She stops by the hospital and asks for a job, but Lillian says there aren't any openings. Christina holds baby Colin and realizes she's really good with kids. Christina tells Remy she wants to open a daycare center.

SNEAK PEEK: Edmund is bent on destruction.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: John finds Talia floating face down in Dorian's pool, apparently the killer's latest victim. Fish, knowing John looks extremely guilty, but also certain his friend isn't a killer, gives John the chance to make a run for it, but John refuses and orders Fish to make the official call to Bo. The mayor demands that Bo have John arrested for murder. With Michael's help, John manages to make his way into Blair's hospital room after having escaped from jail. Blair supports John's decision to go on the lam to track down the killer and they part with a kiss. With Shane's transplant an apparent success, Roxy convinces Gigi to tell Rex the truth about Stacy's blackmail. Stacy approaches as Gigi is on the verge of confessing all to Rex when Shane suddenly goes into distress. Shane survives the crisis, but Stacy lays a guilt trip on Gigi, reminding her of the deal she made with God. Lola tells Rachel that Cole got Markko to take his drug test for him. Cole and Starr wonder how to proceed in their quest to find out the truth about their baby's death. Although they care deeply for each other, David and Dorian face the fact that it's time to call it quits. Ray asks Dorian out on a date.

SNEAK PEEK: Jessica and Brody make love.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Cane tells a very bitter Jill that he quit Chancellor and Jabot. Later, Jill goes to Ashley, determined to tell her that Victor was the one behind buying Kay's stock from Gloria and firing Jack and Ashley from Jabot. Jill's announcement is thwarted when Ashley experiences pregnancy pains. Cane tells Chloe that he has decided to drop the custody battle over Delia. Cane tells Lily that he resigned from Chancellor and now is looking forward to living a simple life, drama free. Lily makes her own pronouncement that she wants to go back to modeling and together they will be starting over. Cane asks Lily to marry him for the fourth time and she finally accepts. Karen is completely betrayed when Neil asks the court to reconsider its decision and place Ana with Tyra where she belongs. The judge awards Tyra legal guardianship of Ana, which may have cost Neil his marriage to Karen. Neil finds Karen at the apartment with her suitcases packed and she tells him that she is leaving. Paul learns that Clint's autopsy proves that he died of a massive heart attack; however, they still need to find Roger and Annie in order to get Kevin out of the hospital. Amber reveals that they went to Canada. Heather wonders if Adam can see her when he identifies her. Adam tells her that he recognized her perfume. He demands to know why she came by and Heather admits that she is still in love with him. Adam tries to do the right thing by telling Heather to walk away from him, but she can't. Adam thanks Victor for throwing him a party on his birthday. When Adam announces that he is planning to write his own memoirs, Victor is furious. Colleen opens up to J.T. about how difficult losing Brad has been for her, and J.T. starts to feel guilty about helping Victor destroy Colleen. Kay and Cane both hope that Kay and Jill can have a relationship, but are painfully aware that depends solely on Jill meeting Kay halfway. Billy runs into Cane at Jimmy's Bar. Cane calls Chloe to come pick up Billy when he becomes too drunk to drive himself home. Cane tells Lily that he bought Jimmy's bar. While trying to play matchmaker, Lily tries to set Colleen up with Rafe, unaware that he is gay.

SNEAK PEEK: Sharon is pregnant.


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