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Sunny in Philadelphia Scrambles After Kaitlin Olson Breaks Back

Jul 28, 2008

Things have gotten cloudy on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Actress Kaitlin Olson suffered a broken back, fracturing her sacrum "on the Fourth of July, so we had to shut down for a couple of weeks. She's in a lot of pain and hasn't been able to walk. I've been carrying her up the steps," reports the show's creator/writer/exec producer Rob McElhenney, who also stars as Mac on the hit FX sitcom -- and who is engaged to Olson.
Sunny in Philadelphia Scrambles After Kaitlin Olson Breaks Back

Sunny in Philadelphia Scrambles After Kaitlin Olson Breaks Back

"But she has acupuncturists, healers and doctors coming over, and she's getting better," he adds. "They're hoping she'll be back and up on her feet the end of the first week of August."


The perpetually provocative comedy, which has been picked up for 39 more episodes, returns Sept. 18. Adding to the fourth season pressures is the fact that Danny DeVito, who plays the show's patriarch, "got this huge movie he's going to be directing and producing called 'The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle' with Morgan Freeman and Pierce Brosnan. So we lose Danny early at the end of August."

McElhenney adds, "We have sort of the perfect storm of problems. We've been lucky in the past where we've been able to separate things a little bit. We write first, then shoot, and then we edit. But we started really late because of the strike. And, we're up against Thursday Night Football this year. We had a very small window in which we could write, produce and edit these episodes and get them onto the air before we lose our core audience to the football. So that put us into a bind right off the bat where we were going to be shooting and cutting at the same time.


And we weren't finished writing the episodes before we went into production -- so now we're trying to alleviate the pressures of waiting for Kaitlin to heal and get Danny out early, whilst producing, editing and still re-writing the episodes. This season has been quite a challenge." To say the least.


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