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Super Bowl Halftime Show 2012 - Madonna's Show over Beyonce Knowles?

By Staff
Feb 1, 2013
Can Beyonce top Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime Show from 2012?

The Super Bowl Halftime Show 2012 starred Madonna and some of her friends and National Football League reps seemed concerned about any controversy the singer might stir up with her performance.

However, Madonna kept her clothes on and didn't drop any words or lyrics that would need to be censored and rapper Nicki Minaj also performed and kept everything tucked in and behaved as well.

However, British rapper M.I.A. caused controversy for Madonna when she flipped off the cameras during their performance.

Later reports claimed Madonna was furious as she really wanted a 'clean' show and Madge thought M.I.A was only seeking attention for herself.

This year Beyonce will perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show in New Orleans - can she top Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime Show 2012 in Indianapolis?

Check out Madge's show below on video.

Beyonce's performance is already controversial thanks to her lip syncing screw up at the president's inaugural.

Will she even sing live at the Super Bowl?

She's adamant she will.

Beyonce finally confessed that she sang with a pre-recorded track at President Obama's inauguration using the excuse that she was afraid to sing live because she didn't have enough time to rehearse.

See photos here that Beyonce has released of some of the practices for the Super Bowl.

Knowles claimed she was so busy preparing for Sunday's Super Bowl halftime performance that she had didn't get to adequately prepare her version of the US national anthem 'The Star Spangled Banner' for January 21 but insisted she will sing live at the Super Bowl.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, which she opened by singing the national anthem for assembled journalists, Beyonce said: “I am a perfectionist, I will practice until my feet bleed but I didn't get a chance..

“The inauguration was about the president I wanted to make him and the country proud. I decided to sing along with my pre-recorded track which is something that is common in the music industry. I always sing live, the inauguration was unfortunately a time when I didn't have time to rehearse with the the orchestra because I was rehearsing for the Super Bowl. I'm very proud of my performance.”

Speaking about the Super Bowl, she added: “I will absolutely be singing live, I am well rehearsed. This is what I am born for.

“I've had a 16 year career and everything I've done has prepared me for this, I'm ready. It is something we've been preparing for for about four or five months but I am nervous.”

While it has been speculated Beyonce will be joined on stage at the half-time show by her Destiny's Child bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, the singer refused to give away any details.

She said: “I can't give away any details but I will say there is nothing like our connection and the sisterhood we have, it's always a pleasure to be around them personally and professionally.”
Beyonce, 31, also revealed she can't wait until her performance is over so that she can spend time with her husband Jay-Z and their 12-month-old daughter Blue Ivy.

She explained: “I can't wait until it's all over, I'm gonna enjoy my daughter. I miss her so much and I keep saying 'mommy is so busy but I'll be done at 9pm on Sunday.'”

The busy singer's HBO documentary 'Life Is But A Dream' will air on February 16 and while she is nervous about sharing her ups and downs with everyone, Beyonce wanted to make the movie for Blue Ivy's sake.

She said: “I'm very nervous about reaction to my documentary. It was interesting seeing the mistakes I've made and putting them in the documentary. It's time for people to see me and see a different side to me and I'm scared but I'm happy.

“My daughter has changed me and changed my life and given me so much purpose. This movie is necessary and shows a human side. My job is to protect her and I am happy to tell my life story on my own terms.”

(Image: WENN)

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