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Teen Cheerleader Scandal: Sexting Photos Fad Explodes

Dec 10, 2008

Are your teens sexting? Not texting, but sexting, as in sending scantily clad and suggestive pictures of themselves to their friends using e-mail and texts. The latest craze for some wild teens is more than a bit racy and probably illegal. It isn't only in High Schools, though the term really hit the American lexicon when High School cheerleaders in the Seattle area were kicked off the cheer squad when it was discovered that they had posed for photos and sent them to a cell phone.
Teen Cheerleader Scandal: Sexting Photos Fad Explodes

Teen Cheerleader Scandal: Sexting Photos Fad Explodes

Those girls pictures were then passed around for everyone to get a look at, the police have stepped in and the school is facing a lawsuit from the girls. The phone pics show the cheerleaders nude, according to a report from the Washington Post.


With all of the scandal surrounding Hollywood starlets the craze should come as little surprise. Miley Cyrus has had her iPhone hacked and all sorts of her wet t-shirt snaps wound up n the web along with other photos of the Hannah Montana star lifting up her shirt.

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Another Disney starlet that has been exposed due to a leak was High School Musical starlet Vanessa Hudgens. She sent fully nude photos of herself to her boyfriend Zac Efron and they wound up online as well. The same thing happened to Cheetah Girls starlet Adrienne Bailon and she recently apologized to her fans for her wild pics leak.


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