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Teens and Sextortion: Cases in Alabama Jonathan Vance; Wisconsin Anthony Stancl

Aug 16, 2010

In Alabama, Jonathan Vance, 24, of Auburn was sentenced to 18 years in prison for Sextortion. Federal prosecutors warn cases are on the rise. In Wisconsin, Anthony Stancl "posed as a girl on Facebook to trick male high school classmates into sending him nude cell phone photos, which he then used to extort them for sex," reports the Associated Press.
Sextortion and Sexting - Big Trouble for Teens.

Sextortion and Sexting - Big Trouble for Teens.

An Indiana case is set for trial late this month with similar charges only with a 17-year old girl in Indiana was allegedly forced to pose more explicit pictures and videos for a sextortionist.

She finally involved police.


Sextortion can happen when someone sends a text or nude cell phone photos of themselves to a friend or chat room or teens that like to show off their bodies on the Internet by peeling out of their clothes for a quick flash.

That gives the opportunity for someone to click save and use that photo against the person, blackmailing them into giving them what they want while threatening to release the picture.


Extortion using sex photos is now dubbed as sextortion.

It can happen to a person of any age foolish enough to trust strangers with nude pictures, but it is happening enough with teens that federal prosecutors are alarmed.

KTAR has more details. Parry Aftab, an attorney and online child safety advocate explained it this way: "Kids are putting their head in the lion's mouth every time they do this."

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