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The Amazing Race Results Tonight - Elimination Recap, 2014 All-Stars

By Staff
Mar 23, 2014
Amazing Race All-Stars 2014 Results - Tonight's Recap Below

The Amazing Race is on CBS tonight (March 23, 2014), one team of the All-Stars will be eliminated, who do you think is going home?

During last week's show - it was declared a a non-elimination leg of the race and Brendon and Rachel were safe even though they checked in last.

Here are the results from last week's non elimination:

Jet and Cord checked in with Phil Keoghan first last week and even though it was a non elimination, they won a prize of a trip to London.

The rest of the teams finished this way last week:

Dave and Connor were Team #2

Leo and Jamal checked-in as Team #3

Jen and Caroline were Team #4.

Jessica and John were Team #5.

Flight Time and Big were Team #6.

Margie and Luke were Team #7.

Brendon and Rachel were Team # 8 but weren't eliminated.

This week, one of the teams will go home.

Check the recap of tonight's show below.

Tonight's Results:

Teams will fly to Sri Lanka and head to Gangaramaya Temple for the clues tonight and after a show full of searches - we have the results recap:

Dave and Connor are the first team to check in and each wins an extra $5,000!!

Caroline and Jen check-in as second team.

Jet and Cord check-in with Phil as third team.

Leo and Jamal check-in with Phil as the fourth team.

Jessica and John check-in with Phil as fifth team.

Flight Time and Big Easy check-in as sixth team.

Brendon and Rachel check-in as seventh team and are just under the wire.

Luke and Margie are the last team to check in tonight and they have been eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

What do you think of tonight's results on the Amazing Race?



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