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The Bachelor Finale Results 2014 - Live Recap, Spoilers Tonight for The Final Rose

By Staff
Mar 10, 2014
The Bachelor 2014 with Juan Pablo - The Final Rose, Nikki or Clare?

The Bachelor finale results are below for tonight (March 10, 2014), check out the live recap to see who wins tonight.

Juan Pablo has eliminated dozens of women on his way down to Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell and tonight's episode of The Bachelor will see one more lady eliminated and sent home still wanting a husband.

The other woman will be crowned as the winner of The Bachelor with the 'Final Rose' and will have the opportunity to get married to Juan Pablo.

The show was filmed several months ago and with that comes spoilers and leaks, the winner has been leaked, check out the spoiler here if you want to know who is going to win on tonight's show.

After Juan Pablo makes his choice between Nikki and Clare, ABC will air 'After the Final Rose' at 10 pm EDT / 9 pm CDT to give us an update on where Juan Pablo is with his new lady.

Do you care who wins between Clare and Nikki?

Juan Pablo is the man to make the choice, check below for the results and recap, the show will air shortly.

Tonight's Results…

Nikki and Juan Pablo have their last date and it goes well enough with no real issues, but now we are off to the Clare date.

That is not the case with Clare as she gets upset over something sexual that Juan Pablo whispered in her ear. She is worried that she is nothing more than a hook up and wants to know if their 'relationship' is just a physical thing.

Juan Pablo tries to explain he does feel more than just a sexual attraction and Clare buys that, will he choose her?

Back to the date with Nikki, the blonde nurse tells JP that she thinks they have something special and he can’t have that with anyone else.

Nikki wants to her 'I love you' from Juan Pablo, but he won't say it.

What should she do if she receives the final rose?

The time has come for The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 to give away the final rose.

The Neil Lane ring is in place.

Tonight's first contestant is Clare, who is escorted to Juan Pablo by Chris Harrison...

Fireworks with Clare…

Juan Pablo tries to tell Clare she lost, but when he moves in to give her a hug, she stops him and begins to criticize him.

Clare said she would never want her children to have a father like him and walks off.

Once she is gone, Juan Pablo says he is glad he didn’t pick her.


Nikki is next...

Nikki starts by thanking Juan Pablo for the experiences and can't imagine spending her life without him.

"Nikki, I love so many things about you..."

No "I love you" from Juan Pablo.

He says he isn't 100% sure he wants to propose but he is 100% sure that he doesn't want to let her go.

He gives her a rose instead of that beautiful engagement ring.


He wants to continue to sleep with Nikki and have her as a girlfriend and not a woman he wants to marry.

Nikki accepts the final rose.

What do you think of Nikki's decision?

(Image: ABC)

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