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The Biggest Loser 2013 Results - Season 15, Tonight's Elimination

By Staff
Dec 3, 2013
Biggest Loser 2013 - Results Tonight

The Biggest Loser season 15 has an elimination show tonight (Dec. 3, 2013) and the results of who will go home is revealed below.

One contestant will be eliminated after the weight in during tonight's show.

Last week - Holley fell below the Blue Line and was eliminated on Biggest Loser 2013!

Here are the weigh in results from last week:

Red Team: David lost 11 pounds (that made a total of 103 pounds this season), Jennifer lost 9 pounds, Tanya lost 4 pounds, Rachel lost 12 pounds and Ruben lost 7 pounds.

Total of 43 pounds and 3.18%.

White Team: Marie lost 4 pounds, Jay lost 7 pounds and Tumi lost 6 pounds.

Total of 17 pounds and 2.47%.

Blue Team: Matt lost 9 pounds, Chelsea lost 6 pounds, Hap lost 6 pounds, Bobby lost 9 pounds and Holley lost 3 pounds.

Total of 33 pounds and that equaled a loss for the Blue Team last week.

This week's weigh in and results will soon be revealed.

Look below for the results:

Red Team: Ruben loses 2 pounds, Jennifer loses 4 pounds, Tanya loses 4 pounds, David loses 7 pounds (and he is under 300 pounds) and Rachel loses 5 pounds.

That is a total of 22 pounds and 1.68%! Those are not great numbers!

Blue Team: Hap loses 2 pounds, Matt loses 4 pounds, Chelsea loses 6 pounds and Bobby loses 12 pounds.

That is a total of 24 pounds and 2.20%, which makes them safe this week.

White Team: Jay’s weight is the only weight that counts this week for this team, but everyone still weighs in.

Marie loses 5 pounds (and she is under 200 pounds), Tumi loses 7 pounds and Jay loses a whopping 12 pounds.

He only needed to lose more than 3 pounds to keep his team safe, so the White Team is safe and the Red Team is the losing team tonight.

For the second time, Ruben Studdard falls below the Red Line and has been eliminated on The Biggest Loser Season 15!

(Image: NBC)

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