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The Emperor's Club VIP Photos: A New Call Girl Speaks on Spitzer

Mar 12, 2008

Eliot Spitzer still has yet to resign despite what is described as a lot of activity on a website called the Emperor's Club VIP. The women on that website are allegedly high priced call girls and there seems to be a lot of mounting evidence of Spitzer and a girl named Kristen from that website and a nice time they spent together on the night before Valentine's Day in Washington, DC. he was basically caught in a sting, and the police claim to have recorded phone calls all the way down to the amount he spent, which is alleged to be forty-six hundred dollars for just a few hours.
The Emperor's Club VIP Photos: A New Call Girls Speaks on Spitzer

The Emperor's Club VIP Photos: A New Call Girls Speaks on Spitzer

Many feel just awful for his wife Silda Wall Spitzer as she had to do the "Press Conference of Shame". (As opposed to the usual walk of shame that some celebrities do after a night in a hotel when they are caught by the paparazzi). Spitzer has put his wife in an awful position and his career seems like it is over.


The website and the photos of the call girls were eventually removed but there are still different versions online that were grabbed and saved before the purge. Now more digging has brought out another girl and she claims that she also had several flings with the New York Governor. This one is a 22-year old blonde (Kristen was reportedly a brunette) and she says that Spitzer was a good guy for a john and that he was a nice guy that tossed out some pretty handsome tips.

She notes that she did not work for the website in question. This page has plenty of links to the girls from the original website and now notorious Emperor's Club VIP. The new confessions from the unnamed blonde are told to ABC via a phone interview. The girl doesn't give her name but says that Spitzer didn't ask for anything that "wasn't clean".


I guess that is good to know, although she fails to elaborate on her definition of clean. Some are saying that he will resign on Wednesday and if he doesn't it just might be impeachment time, as everyone seems to be calling for his to step aide.


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