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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes to Postpone the Wedding?

May 22, 2006

Remember the buzz created back in February before the fabulous Katie Holmes gave birth that Life & Style caused with their "Split" cover? The story was immediately answered by Tom Cruise and Katie and of course denied.

Will Katie Get Her Deam Wedding?

Will Katie Get Her Deam Wedding?

L&S basically said the plan was to stay together until after the baby was born, then work out a deal to split.

Now comes another story - this time from the Star Magazine that says Tom and Katie have postponed the wedding. The reason given - according to the magazine - Katie is not "Scientology" ready.

What does that mean?


The story details that the problems go all the way back to Cruise ex Nicole Kidman who never really had the whole Scientology faith thing going and now Tom doesn't want that to happen again.

And he's willing to delay any nuptials to make certain - the report claims.

"There will be no (Nicole Kidman like) wiggle room," a source named Skip Press reveals to the weekly. "In the coming months, Press says, "Katie will undergo intensive training on how to spot and avoid anyone critical of Scientology."

Yes - there's an easy joke right there - I'm passing for now.

"At the same time - the former Scientologist claims - "Her exposure to the outside world will be censored while she's flooded with Scientology doctrine.

Cue the rep: Cruise's rep denies the story.


This should be easy enough to confirm soon. Here's a couple that has professed their love, had a baby and are still unmarried. One would think with all that love - they should be hitched soon.

--Jill Atkins writes from Hollywood


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