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Tony Stewart Crash Raw Video - Runs Over, Kills Kevin Ward Jr. NASCAR Driver Still Silent

By Staff
Aug 10, 2014
Tony Stewart Crash Video - Kevin Ward Jr. Killed

Tony Stewart ran over and killed fellow race car driver Kevin Ward Jr. on Saturday night at Canandaigua Motorsports Park in New York and the famous NASCAR driver Stewart has remained silent since the fatal incident.

A warning - the video below is graphic, you see Stewart driving his number 14 car as Kevin Ward Jr. gestures angrily at him while walking on the track.

The next few frames show when Stewart runs over the 20-year old race car driver with his car, flinging his body until it winds up in a horrifically unnatural position on the dirt track.

The incident took place during the race and Stewart as Ward were racing into turn two of the racetrack.

Stewart's number 14 car clipped Ward's number 13 car, forcing it to spin out and hit the wall and that seem to infuriate Ward.

On the video you can see that Ward got out of his car to confront Stewart after the crash and his body language shows he was angry and gesturing, seemingly wanting to confront the NASCAR legend right on the track.

Several race cars pass underneath Ward as he is walking on the track gesturing.

The number 54 car is then shown on the video and has no problem avoiding hitting Kevin Ward Jr. as he walked on the track looking to confront Stewart.

But when Tony's number 14 car gets into the frame of the video, he is right on top of Ward and hits him, flinging his body an estimated 50 feet as Stewart continues to drive away.

The video then shows the driver's body on the track and emergency responders arrive quickly, but Ward would die from his injuries.

You can check it our on the video below, it is a difficult scene after Stewart runs over Ward, though.

In a stunning announcement from Saturday night, Tony Stewart was actually considering competing in today's NASCAR race.

That decision has been now been reversed and Stewart won't be racing today.

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