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True Tori 2014 - Spelling Reveals Dean McDermott Cheating Ways Tough on Family

By Staff
Apr 25, 2014
Tori Spelling

True Tori 2014 - Reality TV starlet Tori Spelling's intimate secrets are being spilled for her TV show and the famous Hollywood blonde says her husband Dean McDermott's infidelity ''broke her heart''.

The 'Beverly Hills 90210' actress was left devastated when her husband confirmed he had cheated on her with Emily Goodhand and has admitted she is unsure whether they now have a future together.

Speaking after a joint therapy session on her new reality show 'True Tori', she said: ''I know he's my soulmate. I know he's the love of my life. I also know he broke my heart.''

Though she admitted she ''still loves'' Dean, Tori - who has children Liam, seven, Stella, five, Hattie, two, and 18-month-old Finn with her spouse - added that ''this might not have a happy ending.''

She also said: ''I'm so scared we won't grow old together. That's my biggest fear.''

Earlier in the episode, the 40-year-old star had admitted she didn't initially believe the rumours that Dean had cheated on her.

She said: ''I didn't think for a second that it was true.''

However, when she confronted her spouse - who checked into rehab in December 2013, the day after confirming the claims - his unusual body language gave him away.

She recalled: ''His right eyebrow was shaking up and down ... and I said, 'I've never seen your eyebrow shake before.''

When Tori met with Dean, 47, in rehab, he pledged to change his life as he didn't ''want to lose'' the actress.

He told her: ''I've hurt you so bad. That's why I'm dealing with my alcoholism and my addiction.

''I cheated on you and I lied to you. I'm sorry. I don't want to lose you.''

However, she replied: ''I'm angry that you cheated on me. I've been let down over and over and over again.''

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