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Trump Threatens to Sue Maher - Donald vs. Bill over $5 Million Orangutan Joke

By Staff
Feb 5, 2013
This isn't Donald Trump as a Baby.

Donald Trump wants Bill Maher to pay him $5 million so he can donate it to charity over an Orangutan joke told by Maher on Jay Leno.

During his interview on 'The Tonight Show', Maher joked he would donate $5 million to the charity of Trump’s choice if the "Celebrity Apprentice" host could prove he's not the "spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan."

The debate was a carryover from Trump's demands to President Barack Obama that he produce a birth certificate to prove he was born in the US.

Obama was born in Hawaii.

After Trump's continued push for the birth certificate, Maher prodded Trump with his own demands of a birth certificate and a $5 million prize for Donald Trump if he isn't an offspring of his mom and an orangutan.

“He promised me $5 million for charity if I provided certain information," Trump said on "Fox & Friends" on Monday. "Well, I provided the information, he didn’t pay. So today I sue Bill Maher for $5 million for charity.”

"I don’t think he was joking," Trump added. "He said it with venom. That was venom. That wasn’t a joke. In fact he was nervous when he said it. It was a pathetic delivery, but he said, 'I will give' and I said I will accept, so let’s see what happens.”

Should Bill pay?

(Image: WENN)

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