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Vanessa Hudgens Strips to Playboy Undies: New Racy Photos Online

Sep 8, 2007

It appears that Vanessa Hudgens had to get up her nerve before her full strip show she put on for her High School Musical co-star Zac Efron. A new series of photos have emerged that show the gorgeous brunette in various stages of undress while she works her way down to nothing but Vanessa.
Vanessa Hudgens Strips to Playboy Undies: New Racy Photos Online

Vanessa Hudgens Strips to Playboy Undies: New Racy Photos Online

Many speculated why Vanessa was so quick to come clean that the most sought after photo on the web was being debated. When the in the buff Vanessa pictures began filling inboxes and appeared on websites everywhere there was much debate that the photos were a hoax or perhaps even photoshopped.


Many believed that it wasn't Vanessa and it was very difficult to tell. But now it can be revealed why she came clean so fast. There are even more photos now available that show the pint-sized hottie stripped down to her Playboy bunny undies. One shot clearly shows her face and it is very obvious that is Vanessa. She had to confess.

In other shots she is in white Playboy set on the bed. She also dons a black set as well and poses in boy shorts and a bra. While she is catching a lot of grief, I just don't see it. Other than letting her camera fall into the wrong hands (who leaked these photos anyway) these are very innocent shots and she looks fabulous.


Derek Hail has the photos here - they are at the bottom and you can click to make the photos larger.


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