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Walking Dead Changes 2014, Season 4 Introduces Sgt. Abraham Ford, Eugene and Rosita

By Staff
Feb 25, 2014
Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) is one of the changes on The Walking Dead Season 4.

The Walking Dead is in the middle of season 4 and there are several changes for 2014 as three new characters were introduced recently, exciting many fans.

Michael Cudlitz (Southland) plays Sgt. Ford, Josh McDermitt plays Eugene and Christian Serratos (pictured) brings some serious sex appeal to the zombie apocalypse as Abraham's girlfriend Rosita.

In last week's episode, Abraham reveals the plan to save the world and he thinks that means getting Eugene to Washington, DC where he can help fight the zombie apocalypse scientifically.

The three new characters were introduced at the end of last week's episode and had a main role in this week's episode.

Here's what went down this week for the new characters.

They have met up with Glenn and Tara and initially, the mission goal was to use their army truck to drive from rural Georgia to Washington, DC as Eugene is certain he knows the secret behind the zombie apocalypse and Sgt. Ford is determined to complete the mission to get him there.

Unfortunately, Glenn is not on board with the plan once he is told and wants to get back and find his wife Maggie.

Here's how Glenn and Terra wound up with the new trio of characters.

When Tara and Glenn were picked up by the new group, Glenn had already passed out as he is still recovering from the nasty bout of flu that hit the prison before it was invaded by "The Governor," scattering the survivors who had been the main characters on the show for the first three seasons.

After the invasion, Glenn awoke at the prison surrounded by zombies and only Tara was left in the prison to help him get out - all of his familiar friends were gone, they were all forced to flee once the prison walls were torn down by the invading force.

Tara was a reluctant part of the Governors invading team, and she is the only one from that side who lived through the fight.

Glenn decided to forgive her enough to allow her to help him break through a bunch of zombies at the prison and now they are teamed up and she is helping Glenn trying to find his wife, who had to flee in a different direction.

They made it to a nearby highway, where they battled even more zombies until Glenn passed out and Tara finished the last one off with the butt of a rifle to the skull.

That's where Rosita, Abraham and Eugene were introduced and they picked them up.

This week - they were in the back of the truck when Glenn finally woke up and demanded to be allowed out of the truck to search for Maggie once he learned the plan was to continue on to the Northeast, away from his wife and friends.

However, Abraham did not want Glenn to go back the other way to look for his wife, he needed him to help out for his trip to Washington, DC.

The two men fought over their different ideas of which way to go and Tara and Rosita tried to break them up as they traded punches on the highway.

Eugene seemed disinterested with the entire situation and waited by the truck, looking bored.

However, danger hit quickly as a roving band of zombies came out of a cornfield and approached Eugene.

Unfortunately, he couldn't get the attention of the others as Glenn and Abraham were still fighting, so he picked up an automatic weapon he was unfamiliar with and started firing wildly at the zombies and he accidentally hit the truck.

While he did take out a few zombies, he also took out their army truck's gas tanks, rendering the vehicle useless.

Rosita, Tara, Abraham and Glenn finally snap out of it and head over to help Eugene, wiping out the small zombie herd with a few more gunshots.

But as they look at the truck leaking out the precious fuel, Abraham asks Eugene how he managed to kill the truck.

"A fully amped-up state and an ignorance of rapid-fire weapons," Eugene deadpans, in one of the funnier lines of the night.

As the truck is disabled, Glenn gets his way and they had back towards where he thinks Maggie might be.

As the five march down the road, we get a look at the three new characters and what they bring to the show.

Are you happy to see Michael Cudlitz, Josh McDermitt and Christian Serratos' new characters on the show?

(Image: AMC)

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