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Was Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime Show 2012 Better Than Beyonce Knowles, Destiny's Child in 2013?

By Staff
Feb 4, 2013
Did Beyonce and outperform Madonna?

Was Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime show from 2012 better than Beyonce Knowles performance in 2013?

Beyonce came into the Super Bowl this year under a cloud of controversy, she mimed the Star Spangled Banner two weeks ago at President Barack Obama's inauguration and only confessed after she was outed by the US Marine Corp band.

After her lip sync scandal it was reported that Beyonce was anxious to prove she could actually sing live and the Super Bowl halftime show was to be her stage where she showed off her voice.

She was briefly joined on stage by Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for a Destiny's Child reunion of sorts, did she pull it off?

Beyonce received gushing reviews from some, while others say she did little to prove she could sing well, claiming her show was mostly dancing, hair tossing and talking with very little actual singing.

E! Online reveals that yes - as usual - Beyonce had a track under her voice.

"For the record, there was a backing track, but it was used mostly as just that—backup singing—so that Bey could rock her now-classic "Single Ladies" choreography."

Madonna's show is here from 2012, watch Beyonce's below on video.

Here are some of the comments that were negative, pulled from various social media outlets.

"The half time show was mediocre at best. Madonna's in 2012 was a lot better, and unlike Beyonce she was willing to share the stage with other artists to give football fans a better show. The Destiny Child's singers got booted off the stage just like they got booted out of the group. It really is true, the more things change the more they stay the same."

"Boring performance. I watched last years performance of Madonna who was amazing and truly knows how to entertain. Beyonce had really big shoes to fill and just couldn’t do it."

"It was the same old, unimaginative, booty shaking, hair flipping video-like performance with next to nothing engaging about it. Randomly chopped up parts of the songs as well.

At least Madonna had the brains to figure out she’s no Bruce Springsteen and brought along the whole shebang to distract viewers with. Beyonce seems to think she’s a rock star and can carry the whole show. IMO she just doesn’t have what it takes to pull it of."

"She barely sang and just shook her a$$!!! The light affects where the most interesting part of the show!

"Nice dancing, but not much singing until last song. Do think she’s a bit old for those clothes. She’s a mom and needs to take her performance in another direction IMO. I would rather have seen Blake Shelton/Miranda Lambert"

"Beyonce and her dancers looked like a group of hookers. The only talent evident was her ability to whip her hair. Did she take lessons from Willow Smith?"

"Beautiful woman, but way too much hair swirling and shaking. Would have loved to hear more of her voice and less pelvis action. Lacked a little substance, thank goodness for back up dancers, and DC reunion."

"I like Beyonce. Have many of her songs on my phone. Have to say wasn’t all that impressed with halftime show. Until DC wasn’t much singing going on. Only a line or 2 here and there. Dancing was fantastic but after the whole lip syncing scandal I thought there would have been more singing to prove the haters wrong."

"Beyonce's were the most boring, unmusical songs I have heard at a Super Bowl yet. There were no lilting melodies, no memorable lyrics, and the background music was the monotonous thump-thump-thump that sounds computer generated. Boring and banal music says it all, accompanied by prancer dancing and pyrotechnics."

Us Weekly has a review that was written by a Beyonce fan and they loved it.

"It's official: This is Beyonce's world, and everyone else is just living in it. After the Grammy winner's lip-synching controversy at President Barack Obama's inauguration in January, the pressure was on for her to deliver a live, show stopping halftime performance at the Feb. 3 Super Bowl in New Orleans. And deliver she did."

People magazine didn't even need to hear the halftime show, they knew Beyonce would be great.

"One thing was certain going into Super Bowl XLVII: Beyoncé was going to put on a killer halftime show, and she was going to look amazing doing it. And if she practiced until her feet bled, there was no sign of it as she danced in her towering heels.

The New York Times said she had now "silenced her doubters".

"She balanced explosions and humanity, imperiousness with warmth, an arena-ready sense of scale with a microscopic approach to the details of her vocals."

What do you think?

Did Madonna outperform Beyonce?

Watch Beyonce's show below on video.

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