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World UFO Day 2013 - Recalling the Alien Abduction Cases Trip with Robbie Williams

By Staff
Jul 3, 2013
Robbie Williams has an interest in UFOs

Today is World UFO Day (July 2, 2013) and as eyes turn upward in wonder about what may be out there in space, let's recall a story of Robbie Williams traveling to the US to hear about alien abduction cases.

Williams is making news today due to a wild brawl at his concert inside Wembley Stadium in London, (watch the video below) but late last year the singer canceled a ghost-hunting trip to speak to people who had been abducted by UFOs and traveled to the Nevada desert to listen to their abduction stories.

Robbie asked writer Jon Ronson to help him find a haunted house, prompting a huge deluge of interest from the owners of castles across the UK.

However, at the last minute he changed his mind and decided to take a trip to the US to the deserts of Nevada to speak to people who claimed aliens had taken them aboard their spacecraft.

Jon said: "These ladies of the manor were throwing their ghosts at Robbie as if they were their debutante daughters."

Jon is still keen to work with Robbie on a book about the search for ghouls, but the star's commitment to Take That meant their original plan was scrapped.

According to The Sun newspaper, he added: "We would have been like Danger Mouse and Penfold. I would have been Penfold.

"It nearly happened. We were going to do it - but instead he decided to re-join Take That. My loss was Gary Barlow's gain."

Interest turns to UFOs...

Robbie previously joked his obsession with aliens made people believe he was "weird".

He said: "Ever since I was 16 all I have been doing is make album, promote album, tour album ... and I did that for 20 years.

"Then I got a bit burnt out and I was looking for something else. I thought that something else was making documentaries about UFOs.

"But that wasn't going to work out for me. It just made me weird and - at the time - fat. Weird and fat, looking at UFOs."

(Image: WENN)

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