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Zac Efron & Nikki Blonsky's Secret Off Screen Romance?

Aug 1, 2007

High School Musical stars, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens called it quits back in June. But less than two months later, handsome young Zac has already found a new, unlikely romance with Hairspray costar Nikki Blonsky, Star Magazine reports in this week's issue. Vanessa, who plays Gabriella Montez, and Zac (Troy Bolton) ended their two-year relationship because sources say, their busy schedules were causing increasing friction. But it didn't take long for Zac, 19, to find love with Nikki, 18, who plays zaftig teen Tracy Turnblad.

Zac Efron & Nikki Blonsky's Secret Off Screen Romance?

Zac Efron & Nikki Blonsky's Secret Off Screen Romance?

According to the report, Blonsky, who stands 4'10", and her new guy have been inseparable these past few weeks. And if they aren't spending quiet time together in New York or L.A., they're either talking on the phone or texting. "As crazy as it sounds, Zac is completely taken with Nikki," says a source. "He said she's someone special - someone unlike any other girl he's ever dated. He goes on and on about how funny, smart, and pretty Nikki is."

While the two haven't publicly announced their coupledom, they spent time together a few weekends ago in L.A. taking long walks on a secluded Malibu beach and then sharing a meal at California Pizza Kitchen.


"Zac said they've made out," says the source. "And that Nikki's a great kisser. He also thinks she's very sexy and admits he doesn't even notice she's carrying a few extra pounds. Zac and Vanessa used to argue a lot," says the source. "They were jealous of each other. But Zac says Nikki is totally understanding and accepting of his popularity and isn't threatened by it." Apparently, the two spend hours talking about serious issues, like global warming and politics, and they agree on most things.

Zac comes from a strict Jewish family, and although Nikki was brought up Catholic - her mother's religion - her dad is Jewish. She totally gets Zac's background, and he gets her in other ways. For example, while some of his friends have given him flack about leaving super-hot Vanessa for Nikki, he insists that her weight is much less important than who she is on the inside, says the source.


Before Efron was cast as the High School Musical heartthrob last year, he was working at a car wash for less than $10 an hour. And Blonsky's story is even more incredible. Nikki tried to audition for the Broadway version of Hairspray at 16, but was told she was too young. When she read about the movie, she made a demo tape of herself singing and dancing, which got her an audition, and, subsequently, a screen test.

A month later, a camera crew showed up at the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream shop in Long Island, NY, where she was working, to allegedly film her as one of the finalists. Instead they opened a laptop and up popped a video of Hairspray director Adam Shankman offering his congratulations and telling her to scoop herself a big cone!

"Both of them are equally grateful they've found success," says the source, "and neither can believe their good fortune in finding each other."


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