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National Ledger - Home DIY - Repair Old Wooden Windows

Home DIY - Repair Old Wooden Windows

Dear James: The wood frame windows in my vintage house are pretty deteriorated. I want to repair them, not replace them, to maintain its character. What repairs to them can I do myself...

National Ledger - Small Spaces - Tiny She Sheds

Small Spaces - Tiny She Sheds

A woman needs her privacy! Every young mother with toddlers realizes sooner or later that they follow you around like puppies. Longed-for adoration and sweet dependency can feel different at the end of a long day...

National Ledger - Problems Surfacing in Housing Market?

Problems Surfacing in Housing Market?

As the housing market nears full recovery, widening gaps along racial, socio-economic, and generational lines are impacting the growth of the housing market and individual cities, according...

National Ledger - Art of Design - Urban Loft Living

Art of Design - Urban Loft Living

Large cities like New York, Milan and Paris have no choice but to snatch up space for residential use in what used to be neighborhoods bustling with industrial activity. In areas where before...

National Ledger - Questions About SSI Benefits

Questions About SSI Benefits

Q: You've written in past columns that the SSI program is not a Social Security benefit. But my sister is getting SSI. And when she gets letters about her payments, they come from...

National Ledger - Home DIY - Install a New Bathroom Vent Fan/Light

Home DIY - Install a New Bathroom Vent Fan/Light

Dear James: I want to add a bathroom vent fan with an overhead light. The window does not provide enough light. What are some tips for installing one and venting it up through the the roof...

National Ledger - Understanding the Designer Design

Understanding the Designer Design

Unbeknownst to many, some of the most influential interior designs have come from architects and not interior designers. Take, for example, Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion or Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling....

National Ledger - Real Estate - Reselling Mortgages

Real Estate - Reselling Mortgages

Hi, Edith: In a recent column, someone asked about escrow. You educated them, but it made me think particularly about mortgages being sold. I bought my house in...



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